Western India Sky Lifter is the service provider of all types of boom lifts, man lifts, 
cherry picker and aerial work platforms catering all types of industries on PAN India level.Your requirements may be 

for indoor application to outdoor application, from Shopping malls, IT parks to Cement Plants, Power Plants, Airports,

 Metro Projects etc. 
  •  we have the right access platform for you available for rent or purchase at competitive rates. We offer both diesel as well as electric battery operated lifts of different capacity depending on the application
  • If you need access to reach places at construction sites or unreachable terrain, we can provide you with boom lifts of different capacities ranging from 45 Feet to 185 Feet. Our Self Propelled Boom Lifts are the best choice for any type of Factory / Industrial works where as our Truck mounted boom lifts are also excellent choice for outdoor applications at sites like airports, shopping malls and multi-storey buildings
  •  We aim to provide you with the right tool for the right job so as to improve work efficiency and maintain the highest level of safety standards.


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A huge company with awesome people and latest equipments

Western India Sky Lifter located in western part of India is a company that specializes in renting and selling aerial work platforms that include Man lift, Boom lift, Scissor lift, cherry pickers and truck mounted boom lift for any type of job may it be private, public sector and Government undertakings. Our clients include a range of industries such as Engineering Co., Oil & Gas Refineries, Chemicals – Cement Plants, Shipyards, Power plants, Airports, Metro & Mono Rail projects.

Established in the year 2010, under the ownership of Mr Sachin M. Mirani, with his perseverance and quality-centric approach has provided satisfying services meeting or exceeding all the client expectations. Over the years by maintaining high standards with quality and commitment, our company is poised to be one of the best in the AWP rental industry of India.

We also attribute our success to the highly productive and motivated employees who have demonstrated an eve-lasting commitment to continuous improvement and maintain the highest standards of professionalism for all our clients.